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E-commerce Analytics Solution

IQLECT’s real-time e-commerce app is build to track e-commerce business in detail. It allows you to collect & analyze data from ecommerce websites to extract user data, provide recommendations, personalize experiences and predict future events. The app has built-in capability for AI and ML. Use predictive models to analyze pattern, segment customers and boost e-commerce conversion.

Log Analysis

Analyze logs with ease. IQLECT's app store has plenty of apps ready to analyze various log files for different systems. Beyond that, every app has the built-in feature to extract data from custom log files. Real-time analysis of log data means real-time operational intelligence. Monitor and track events as they occur and reduce incidents by predictive approach.

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Full stack - Predictive maintenance

Get predictive for your entire technology stack. Detect anomalies, perform root cause analysis and predict upcoming events for websites, database, operating system, log files, devices and sensors. Correleate data across different layers and identify external root causes. Solve complex use cases with ease using IQLECT apps.

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