Use Cases

Convert challenges into Opportunities


IQLECT products provide solutions to numerous functional and operational use cases

Unified view

Single application to ingest & process any type of data from any data source


Real-time analytics

Analyze and process data as they are generated and while the data is in the wire.


Internet of things

Analyze and process data from sensors, devices and applications across networks..



Personalized experience for customers, partners and stakeholders




IQLECT products provide capabilities to monitor and analyze entire infrastructure for businesses. Servers, Logs, Routers, Switches, Virtual Machines, Hypervisors and IOT devices can be monitored using IQLECT's Ampere.


Web 3.0

Powerful solutions such as personalization, real-time customer engagement tracking, sentiment analysis and localization can be created with Ampere. IQLECT's real-time promise makes engagement on the web easy and efficient.



IQLECT's Ampere and Apps support pattern recognition, instant notifications and automated actions. This helps in efficient fraud detection, instrusion prevention and many other security use cases for BFSI and payment industry.



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