IQLECT Documentation

A Comprehensive Guide for Ampere and BangDB

User Manual

User & Developer Documentation

Here, you will find documents that will explain the concepts, workings and step-by-step guides for two key IQLECT products - Ampere and BangDB. Depending on the product that you are using, click on the icons below to open the documentation section.

Ampere Documentation


Ampere documentation will help you get started with real-time big data analytics platform. It explains the concepts, provides step-by-step guide and lets you start with Ampere easily.

BangDB Documentation


BangDB documentation section helps you get started with the most powerful NoSQL DB ever created. Find help on installation, troubleshooting, debugging and begin building applicaitons with BangDB.


Download the whitepaper on real-time data analytics. Read how IQLECT's platform, Ampere, can handle real-time data and make a massive positive impact to businesses across different domains


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