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Our pricing principles


IQLECT provides complete flexibility and the opportunity to scale up as required. Start small and you can upgrade to bigger data volume package as your business grows.


No hidden charges. We help you find hidden insights but do not add any hidden charges with our pricing plans. Select the plan as per your need and pay only for what is consumed.

Maximum value

Our pricing plan is not only affordable but provides maximum value (price/GB) across the industry. This is driven by our mission to democratize real-time big data analytics affordable for all.

Our Pricing

Flexible Pricing Model for Different Business Requirements
Install unlimited number of Apps
Monitor unlimited number of devices, logs, applications


  • Data Volume 100 MB/Day
  • Data Retention 1 Day
  • Insights Retention 3 Months
  • No.of Streams 10
  • No.of Events/Day 100K


  • Data Volume/Day 10 GB
  • Data Retention 7 Days
  • Insights Retention 6 Months
  • No.of Streams 400
  • No.of Events/Day 10 Million


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our pricing? Check these details below
A stream is a packet of data that carries information from devices, applicaitons and other data sources into IQLECT. A data stream could carry different types of information from a single data source or multiple data sources. Data streams comprise of attributes, which carry individual information. Drawing an analogy to programming, a data stream is equivalent to an array of predefined length while the array items are attributes.
IQLECT's platform is data agnostic. As a result, we only charge as per the plan that specifies amount of data consumed. You may connect a single device or multiple devices. Similarly, you may decide to connect to several different entities such as log files, applicaitons, websites and more. The pricing for IQLECT is purely driven by the amount of data consumed and the number of streams created.
IQLECT's platform focuses on real-time data and provides the data retention window as mentioned on the pricing table. If you are looking for a flexible data retention plan you may contact us for enterprise plan.
Absolutely! With the Freemium plan you have access to all the features of the platform and the apps. However the usage limit will be restricted as per the allowed data volume limit.
Freemium is free forever with limited usage. You may use IQLECT for as long as you want. If at all any change in pricing model is imminent we shall notify you in advance.
Yes. We encourage our users to build and share their apps with the community. You can always submit an app to be publish on the App Store. Our technical team will review it and will make it available once the app has been approved.


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