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Payment transactions


As an online merchant, find out which payment gateway works the best for you and recommend your potential customers to use that.

Payment Gateways

Monitor the banks within your network and the channels. Identify connectivity and transactional issues to provide robust payment gateway.

Payment App

As an ecommerce merchant or a payment gateway company it is important to ensure that the transactions between the customers and the bank is smooth. Any failure in transaction process is a loss of revenue for business. IQLECT's payment app tracks and monitors the transactions in real-time.

As a merchant who uses payment gateway it is important that the transaction does not fail once the customers have decided to make payment. Due to this, online merchants integrate multiple payment gateways. However, knowing which payment gateway is providing the highest success rate of transaction is extremely important.

Similarly for payment gateways, it is important to provide the highest possible transaction rate to their merchants. This is only possible if the payment gateways know which acquiring bank provides the highest success rate for them and the trends of successful tranactions.

IQLECT's payment app comes in two flavors. A merchant payment app and payment gateway app. The merchant payment app, allows ecommerce merchants, online stores and any other general online merchants to harness the insights from their payment gateways. Similarly the payment gateway app helps the payment gateway companies to understand their ecosystem better and provide a better transaction success rate to their customers.

Payment Gateway App

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Payment Gateway

Analyze acquiring banks & transaction

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Analyze payment gateways

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