IT infrastrcuture and DC monitoring

Real-time Apps for Data Centers

Data center management

Device data

Monitor devices across entire IT infrastructure. Servers, routers, load balancers, switches, hypervisors, virtual machines and more.

Log data

Analyze thousands of log entries within seconds. IQLECT's log monitoring apps provide insights into what the systems are registering.

The Data Center App

Data Center App is for real-time monitoring & predictive analysis of Data Centers. It can be used to prevent, reduce and perform root cause analysis & to ensure that customers are able to run their business uninterrupted and as expected. The DC app is a collection of key individual apps carefully curated to serve data centers.

The basic challenge for any Data Center is to be able to guarantee the SLA uptime to their customers in addition to performance. To achieve this, Data Centers need to monitor every device, machine, network, packet etc and perform predictive analysis to minimize any downtime. Also it is very important to thwart any security attack and to find out poorly performing devices.

To do all these, a typical Data Center purchases many tools, each for a different purpose. These tools create data silos within the Data Center operation. Additionally, most of these tools don't perform in real-time continuous manner. Therefore, the ability to take preventive actions also limited. Finally, they increase both CapEx and OpEx and requires a large team to do firefighting.

IQLECT's Data Center App is a unified tool which gives a single pane of glass to monitor the health of entire Data Center. It removes all the silos within the Data Center by providing a single converge platform for monitoring each and every device being used within the Data Center. It auto-discovers the topology of the Data Center, provides a summary and health of individual devices, monitors every device, server or packet of data over the network, finds out any interesting pattern or anomaly or threat and then takes appropriate actions autonomously. For Data Center, this could mean better service to their customers, cost saving and also scalability for their business.

Further, Data Centers could offer tailor made services to their customers as well through the same platform. This could be a big differentiating factor for them especially given the fact that Data Centers or Cloud Providers are struggling to provide analytic services to their customers for the resources and applications that they are provisioning on the Data Centers.

Linux server app

Watch the Linux Server App in action

Data center modules

The Data Center App comprises of modules to analyze the entire infrastructure


Track server health and processes


Load Balancers

Monitor & analyze Load Balancers



Monitor the routers on the network



Analyze virtual machines



Real-time firewall monitoring



Monitor switches within the DC network



Monitor hypervisors in real-time



Device & building sensors

And many more at the IQLECT App Store

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