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Turning visitors into Loyal Customers

Analytics for ecommerce

Click data

Analyze ecommerce websites, blogs, online ads, customer clicks and much more using the clickstream app from IQLECT.

Visitor patterns

Analyze patterns and user behavior with machine learning and AI capability from IQLECT & provide personalized recommendation.

Ecommerce App

Ecommerce app from IQLECT provides complete analytics solution to run an online business. It is a composite app formed from several modules that include marketing, payment, visitor data and logistics.

The number of ecommerce companies are rising across the world and all of them face challenges with multiple functions and operations within the organization. For an ecommerce organization, the involvement in different functions is very high. As a result each function such as marketing, logistics, inventory management, payment transactions play important role in determining the success and failure of the venture.

To handle these function, an ecommerce company usually resorts to multiple different tools. Each tool handling a single function and allows the business owners to perform analysis on that function only. However, just like any organization, ecommerce business requires a smooth transaction of data and insights derived from the data.

IQLECT's ecommerce app provides a single control panel to gather data from different functions, applications and take critical business decisions. In addition, real-time personalization, customized offer and dynamic pricing are just some of the small examples of the IQLECT's capability. To stay competitive, an ecommerce company needs to be on top of the game, and IQLECT's platform and the ecommerce app provides what is needed.

Clickstream App

Watch the Clickstream App in action


Individual ecommerce modules are also available on the App Store


Monitor & analyze clicks in real-time



Track campaigns and performance



Payment transaction analysis


Vendor app

Vendor activity and management

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