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How it works

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Create an IQLECT account. It will work as a platform to deploy any real time analytics apps that you want.

Install apps

Install the app from our app store and deploy the solution. You can get up and running within minutes of installation.



Customize if necessary and use the app to solve business problems. With a few customizations complex solutions can be achieved.

Why use apps

Quick time to market
Apps from IQLECT allow users to launch their solution quickly. Cut down the cost by reducing time to market by at least six months when you use the apps from IQLECT's app store.

Fully loaded
Preloaded with necessary tools and visualization (data ingestion agents, analytics, visualization, common actions), the apps are great place to start. By using an app, users get complete solution easily and quickly.

The apps are fully customizable. Users can build additional streams, analytics and actions on existing apps and make them suit their need. These standalone apps can be used as a base to build more complex solutions.

Real-time analytics apps

Device data

IQLECT has numerous apps for monitoring and analyzing hardware/IOT devices. Servers, log files, routers, switches, load balancers and any IOT devices can be monitored and analyzed in real-time.

Application data

IQLECT app store is loaded with apps to monitor application on web and on premise servers. Clickstream analysis for websites, ecommerce stores and web applications are readily available.


Transaction data

Our apps not only monitor hardware devices and applications but also the transactions between them. Payments, protocols and any other transactions between different devices and applications can also be tracked.

App Store

The IQLECT App Store is loaded with variety of Apps


Track server health and processes



Monitor & analyze MongoDB health


Linux Syslog

Monitor the Linux System Log


Apache Access

Monitor access to Apache servers



Analyze logs for Redis DB


NGINX Access

Monitor access pattern to NGINX servers


Splunkd log

Analyze splunkd log in real-time



Real-time website visitor statistics


Apache Errors

Track & act on apache errors


NGINX Errors

Track errors on NGINX servers


Linux Auth

Monitor Linux auth log file


Splunkd Access

Monitor Splunkd access log file

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