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Getting started

Get started in a few easy steps

Get started with IQLECT within a few clicks. Set up the platform easily and start building apps.

Connect to any kind of data source to begin streaming data. The interface is easy to use and documentation and videos are at every step.

Analyze data as it is created. Built-in analytics engine in IQLECT makes data analysis its primary nature. Data aggregation, complex event processing and classification are built in.

View the data in real time while the data analysis occurs. Add as many charts, graphs, tables as needed. Create dashboards and visualize the data.

Recognize patterns and gain insights from the real time data. Create predictive models to forecast future events.

Act on real-time data with notifications and alerts. Connect to API endpoints and automate the action.

IQLECT is different!

IQLECT's platform is different from traditional data analytics platforms and tools

Other platforms

Batch processing approach. Store and then analyze later.

Forensic approach. Provides insight long after event's occurrence..

Latency in minutes at best. Increased risk of damage/loss due to high latency.

Alerts and actions on hindsight. Loss of opportunity.

IQLECT's platform

Continuous processing. Analyze and store data.

Predictive approach. Actionable insights in real time.

Sub-second latency. Allows users to take immediate action.

Alert and API integration in real-time. Ability to automate actions.


Converged Platform

IQLECT, a software converged platform, is meant for real time data analytics. Every layer has been built in-house to reduce latency and ensure tight integration. Built on powerful NoSQL DB - BangDB, IQLECT has built-in analytics, messaging layer and portal included in the platform. This converged architecture makes IQLECT perform 30% - 70% better than the other solutions in terms of performance.

Flexible and Easy-to-use

IQLECT, as a platform, can be used to deploy apps from IQLECT's app store. At the same time, users can create custom apps/solutions on IQLECT using intuitive dashboards and easy to navigate UI. The apps come packed with analytics, visualization and alerts. While it is a great way to start, users can completely customize apps to suit their needs. Flexibility of IQLECT can help organizations boost productivity, save cost and have a positive revenue impact by streamlining operation.


IQLECT can connect to Hadoop and Local systems for various ad-hoc analysis. Users can also trigger API endpoints to automate corrective actions. IQLECT can also be integrated with the likes of Slack, Web browsers and customized to trigger alerts through elaborate messages.

IQLECT's key features

Data stream ingestion

Data stream ingestion

IQLECT has built in capability to ingest data streams from different sources. Any type of data such as Machine data, application data, clickstream data or transactional data can be ingested.

Event based

Event based

IQLECT's agents collect data on every event. This ensures that the data streams generated are always carrying fresh and varied information. On IQLECT’s platform, every event is processed and analyzed individually.

Data analytics

Data analytics

The platform has built-in analytical capability. The ability of the IQLECT ranges from simple analysis to complex event processing and pattern recognition. IQLECT thrives on continuous analysis on time series data.

Data visualization

Data visualization

View charts, graphs and tables in real-time data on the platform. IQLECT’s platform makes understanding the data simple. Create charts, tables using easy interfaces and understand the trend in data as they are generated.

Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition

IQLECT can process data streams using a predictive models and provide users insights into possible future events. The platform can be trained with a model to recognize patterns.

Real-time action

Real-time action

Take action at the very instance when an incident occurs. The action events in IQLECT platform lets users take real time action on data. Built-in API endpoint triggering capability ensures that administration can happen automatically.

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