Insights in Real Time

A Converged Big Data Platform

Real time Data Platform

Get started on real time data analytics within minutes. Setup end-to-end workflow using a customizable dashboard

Click & Deploy

Get access to the big data analytics platform as a service on cloud


Add Data Streams

Plug in different types of data sources to enable your data stream analytics


Process & Analyze

Extract intelligence and discover patterns to enable machine learning


Act & Visualize

Integrate insights with business and visualize in real time to take action


What is IQLECT

  • A complete real time big data analytics platform catering to every use case simplifies, accelerates, humanize the big data analysis. Powered by NoSQL database – BangDB
  • A platform that provides end-to-end solution for big data analytics process. Ingest, Process, Store, Visualize, Act, Correlate, Notify
  • A horizontal big data analytics platform that encompasses every scenario

Our Benefits

Simple. Start small & grow. Time to market is less. Focus is more on real time insights.

Accelerated Time to Market

Fully backed up all-in-box solution that contains all necessary software pieces on cloud or on premise. Ready-made analytics solution to tailor any user need


Fully Configurable & Extensible

Add streams, define processing logic, set up alerts, integrate with business operations & do much more using dashboard. Customizable and modular approach to tackle complex problems in real time


Designed for Scale

Developed from ground-up using BangDB (a NoSQL database) for high performance and scale. Pre-built functions, external data & Hadoop connectors for end-to-end solution




Data visualization enabled by a fully configurable, extensible and high performance dashboard operating in real time

Ingest, Process, Analyze, Act, Visualize - All Using Single Dashboard

Built from Ground Up

Stream & event processing, nosqldb, messaging, data fabric, analytics all built from ground-up for real time data analysis

Stream Processing

Generic stream processor for analyzing different kinds of data streams. Plug and play feature makes stream analytics simple and easy to implement

Pattern Analysis

Find pattern using complex event processing, user defined events, regex, Machine Learning classifiers, aggregation, “group by” functionalities

Actionable Insight

Take action using filter, alert, callback, notification and auto integration features with business goals in mind


Convergence of all necessary software. NoSQL database, messaging, fabric & analytics converged to build most robust real time big data analytics platform


Event Driven Architecture. Finite state Machine empowers the entire big data analytics lifecycle


High performance NoSQL database using key value store and document store. Distributed structure powering the real time big data analytics

Our Pricing

Flexible Pricing Model for Different Business Requirements

Event Data

Event Processing - Purpose built for event data



















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