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Get started on real time data analytics within minutes. Setup your analytics platform using customizable dashboard

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Get access to the big data analytics platform as a service on cloud


Add Data Streams

Plug in different types of data sources to enable streaming data analytics


Process & Analyze

Process & correlate data in real-time. Find patterns & actionable insights


Visualize & Act

Visualize the insights and take action. Automate actions through API


What is IQLECT?

  • A converged real time big data analytics platform catering to nearly every use case. Powered by NoSQL database – BangDB
  • A platform that provides end-to-end solution for real-time big data analytics process. Ingest, Process, Store, Visualize, Act, Correlate, Notify
  • A horizontal big data analytics platform that encompasses every scenario and covers wide variety of use cases and business requirements
  • App Store that has apps for monitoring and analyzing various data types from different data sources. Machine data, app data, pixel data and more


IQLECT offerings are packaged with benefits of performance, convenience and affordability.

Quick Time to Market

Ready-made apps that are fully baked up reduces time to market. Every app comes loaded with agents, analytics, dashboards, alerts and preconfigured settings that can be readily consumed or further customized.


High performance

At IQLECT, when we say real-time we mean sub-second latency. The platform derives its high performance from BangDB. With 150K+ IOPS and ability to crunch TBs of data per day, IQLECT's platform and Apps are unbeatable.


Affordable pricing

IQLECT is on a mission to democratize real-time big data analytics. Driven by our mission, we have kept the pricing affordable so that even small & micro businesses can reap the benefits of real-time analytics.



Use IQLECT to streamline operations, increase revenue and boost ROI by real-time insights

Reduce CapEx, OpEx

Reduce cost and clutter of multiple different tools and use a single tool to monitor and analyze all types of data from any type of data source. Create new Go To Market strategies using IQLECT to offer value to your customers.


Improve customer conversion

Engage customers in real-time by personalization and offers. Make your customers addicted to your product by the right offers and recommendations. Customer and user engagment in real-time will boost your converstion ratio sky high.


Increase payment success rate

Gain insights into payment transactions and channels. Mitigate risks and challenges that causes transaction failures and loss of revenue. Increase payment success rate and also monitor for anomaly and fraud.




Interactive dashboard to customize and configure real-time big data analytics solutions for your business


Ingest, Process, Analyze, Visualize, Act - All Using Single Dashboard

Built from ground up

Entire technology stack of IQLECT is built from ground up using novel architecture.
This makes the entire stack tightly integrated and high performance

Stream Processing

Generic stream processor for analyzing different kinds of data streams. Plug and play feature makes stream analytics simple and easy to implement

Pattern Analysis

Find pattern using complex event processing, user defined events, regex, machine Learning classifiers, aggregation, “group by” functionalities

Actionable Insight

Take action using filter, alert, callback, notification and auto integration features with business goals in mind. Act on the insights in real-time


Convergence of all necessary software. NoSQL database, messaging, fabric & analytics converged to build most robust real time big data analytics platform


Event Driven Architecture for platform and apps. Finite state Machine empowers the entire big data analytics lifecycle.


High performance NoSQL database using key value store and document store. Distributed structure powering the real time big data analytics

Our Pricing

Flexible Pricing Model for Different Business Requirements
Install unlimited number of Apps
Monitor unlimited number of devices, logs, applications


  • Data Volume 100 MB/Day
  • Data Retention 1 Day
  • Insights Retention 3 Months
  • No.of Streams 10
  • No.of Events/Day 100K


  • Data Volume/Day 10 GB
  • Data Retention 7 Days
  • Insights Retention 6 Months
  • No.of Streams 400
  • No.of Events/Day 10 Million


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Event Data

Event Processing - Purpose built for event data


















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